Introducing our captivating “Before and After Gallery” – an ultimate source of inspiration and empowerment for breast reconstruction. The gallery showcases the incredible transformative journey of Dr. Schwartz’s patients who have undergone breast reconstruction procedures.

With this exclusive gallery, we aim to provide a brief introduction to the remarkable results achieved through these life-changing surgeries. As you explore the gallery, please keep in mind that individual outcomes may vary, and it is crucial to consult with Dr. Schwartz to fully understand your unique surgery and potential outcomes.

We recognize that every person is different, and choosing to undergo breast reconstruction is an incredibly personal decision. Our before and after gallery is designed to offer you a genuine glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead. You can witness women reclaim their bodies and restore their self-confidence through the innovative artistry of Dr. Schwartz’s work guided by their individual needs and desires.

As you browse through the gallery, we want to kindly remind you that viewer discretion is advised. Our reconstructive pictures contain nudity, as it is essential to capture the authentic and transformative nature of these procedures. We prioritize the privacy and dignity of our patients, while also recognizing the importance of showcasing the true impact of breast reconstruction.